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The Deep Web Is 96% Of The Internet ,Google Know Is 4% Of It.

 The  Deep    Web Is 96% Of The Internet , Google  Know Is 4% Of  It.

The internet media contains at least 4.5 billion websites and sites which have been indexed by search engines as singed to one scientist.
 The  Deep    Web Is 96% Of The Internet ,Google  Know Is 4% Of  It.
Deep Web
                                        That a large number of touches the most superficial layer of what's extremely out of there. The remaining is known as the deep web, which is 400 to 500 times larger than the surface internet.according to some estimate 

Before we come into the concept of the Deep web? You might  have come across these terms Deep Web Links 2018
  1. Dark Web
  2. The Hidden Wiki, 
  3. Invisible Web, 
  4. Darknet, 
  5. Deep Web Video Sites, 
  6. Deep Web Pages, 
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  9. Tor Deep Web Links, 
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  11. Uncensored Hidden Wiki, 
  12. Links Deep Web 2018, 
  13. Tor Hidden Wiki Links, 
  14. Tor Directory, 
  15. Darknet Marketplace 2018 and so on. 

What is the Surface Web? 

The  basic definition of  the surface web is that we called visible web, clarinet web, indexable web, lightness web .www(world wide web) is an important part of the surface web we easily surf .we can also search by  search engine

What is the Deep Web? 

From a perfectionist’s definition point of view, the Surface Web is anything that a web search tool can discover while the Deep Web is anything that a web search tool can’t discover. 

What is the Dark Web? 

Deep Web - It is also known as "Deepnet", "The invisible web", "The Undernet" and "The Hidden Web". It is part of the Internet that has a Confidential Data Store and it can not be accessed by a normal Internet user. If you have to access the deep web then you should have a special URL, a special website. With an address for a special server and that address, you must be of the permission that you are eligible to access that information. There are as many websites as Deep web, and there is no information as much as web pages, and there is no index in any search engine. The confidential data that is being discussed in this can be of anybody. For example, the data store which is stored on the deep web can be from a large company, it can be of any university, a government may be, a bank's data, or any other organization. There are as many important researches as large universities, as many databases are stored, bigger company's, whatever the databases are stored, as much as the government's secret projects, there are many secret files or basically any Even such a thing that you can never find on a google search, we will say deep web
 Well, the need for deep web also reads us because we have to store a lot of data on the internet, which we want to share across the globe, but we want to do that data with limited people. For example, if a company has a required file that the company wishes to share with its employees, then in such a way, the company will give the URL of the webpage to its employees to access the file in which it is the data store and It will provide an authentication or a login id and password to access it, with the help of that company's employees will be able to access that file. Apart from that, the information that is available to you will not be available on the internet.

How to access the Deep web? 
It isn’t as tough as you think. But it’s not easy to access to access into Deep/Dark web. you can’t use an ordinary web browser Like crome opera Mozilla etc to access into it.regardless of your need to utilize an anonymity software like Tor, which just gets to onion links. 


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