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The World's First Solar Road In Normanday ,France

      The World's First  Solar Road  In Normandy  , France
 The World's First  Solar Road  In Normanday  ,France
 Solar Road 

                                French authorities have opened the world's first solar system based street road in Normandy city french. one kilometer long distance course canvased in 2880 in photo-voltaic,
The new test street road is called watt-ways, makes up an Eco friendly path that extends  one kilometer throughout the town of French Normandy .over its two year trail it's relied upon to be utilized by about 2000 drivers day by day .the frond lines roadways cost 5 million on it, or generally 5.4 million in U.S Money .so should not something be said voltaic boards ,which are  anticipated to deliver 280 megawatt hours of vitality every year and an electrical yield of 767 kilowatt hours every day .what amount of power is require..? it is sufficient to power .
 #The Advantages of Wattway Solar Road: 
1 ) Energy Performance: 
Pavement is just involved by vehicles somewhere in the range of 10% of the time .envision the sunlight based assets of this surface area zone, confronting the sky
20 m2 of the watt-ways boards gives enough power to control a solitary home.
2 )Grip and Resistance: 

How to accommodate the delicacy of photovoltaic cells and the rigorous structure of a street ? watt-way is made out of cells embedded in superposed layers that guarantee resistance and tire hold. The composite material is only a couple of millimeters thick making it conceivable to adjust to charm widening in the special asphalt and additionally vehicle stacks, a certification of toughness and security
3 ) Install directly on Existing pavement: 

On the off chance that watt-way is so progressive, it's likewise dues to the way it is introduced! no compelling reason to tear out the current structure, watt way can be a requirement for structural building work. 

     #    How would solar roadways work?
In solar roadways is a company with an ambitious vision for a new energy future and . to replace all concrete and asphalt surface, including the 4 million miles of roads and streets in the united state, with solar road panels .the plan would effectively transform our country fully transportation is network into one massive power plant.
                                       if we recently implemented the policy of the roadways, an entirely unrealistic prospect even by the company's own admission then the commercially produced solar panels available today, the resulting energy saving gained from not burning fossil fuels could cut the national greenhouse gas emission's in half, according to solar roadways projections.
The Big Idea
 the solar road panels are made with exterminating superpower strong glass embedded with photovoltaic cells, and LED lights .which can be used to create signs one the surface layers directing traffic or alerting motorists to hazardous conditions on the roads.                       
Not So Fast
in fact, it would cost, according to one estimate 34.5 trillion, according to thuggery's lloyed alter. that's more than twice the gross domestic product of the united states  for comparison, the cost of building coal-fired pore plants producing the same amount of electricity would be about 14 trillion, according to
                      The large investment for a concept that's still unproven, although department of energy gave solar roadways 100000 million to develop a prototype, there are still many questions to be answered.Cannot the solar road panels delivery the kind of energy that would make them cost efficient? Would the roads be able to support a load of the constant flow traffic day after day, year after year.? would the glass surfaces create an issue for drivers at high speeds in adverse weather conditions?
.A Parking Lot Prototype
Before the solar panels installed on major highways, they need a significantly smaller road test to prove the concept.
Earlier this year, the department of energy awarded solar roadways 750000 million droller grant, as reported by TreeHugger. 
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