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Top 10 ways to build self-confidence and self-esteem

Top 10 ways to  build self-confidence and self-esteem
Top 10 ways to  build self-confidence and self-esteem
self-confidence and self-esteem

Nobody can deny that self-confidence is a very important quality to achieve success in life. You will see this quality in every person who has reached some point in life, even if it is a movie star, a cricketer, a person in your neighborhood, or a teacher who teaches you. Faith is one of those qualities which happens in everyone, at least anyone in somebody, but it is necessary to increase your current level of confidence to a new and improved level. And in today's tectox, I will share with you some similar things that can be helpful in boosting your confidence:

Top 10 ways to  build self-confidence and self-esteem
1) Improving dressing sense:
How you prepare, its effect depends on your confidence. Tell me that here I am talking about common people like myself, great men like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi have nothing to do with it, and if you come into this category, you too :).
I feel like myself when I am in my best dress, my self-confidence grows automatically, that is why whenever I have a presentation or interview I am very well prepared. Actually, you will have to face people with good looks, and on the contrary, you are very conscious of wearing poor clothes.

I read a line somewhere-
The more you spend on clothes but buy half of the clothes you bought.You can also adopt it.
2) Do those who have confidence:
People around you will definitely see who you think this person will feel confident that this person is very confident. Observe such people carefully and include some of your activities in your life. for example:
  • Sit on the front seat.
  • Have questions/answers in class, seminars, and other occasions
  • Pay attention to your walking and seating
  • Do not speak in a voice
  • Do not look at eye contact, eyesight

3) Make one thing better than most people:
Everyone can become an expert in every field, but according to their interest, he can choose one or two areas in which he can be better than others. When I was in school, so many students were good at studying me and other things, but I was best in class in geometry (thanks to papa :)), and for this reason, I was very confident. And today I feel confident by making TechTox a world blog. If you master one thing, you will make it a general confidence. You just have to choose something according to your interest and it must be the best in your circle, your circle depends on you, it can be your school, college, your colony or your city.
You can select any area, it can be an art, music, dance etc. A game, a topic or something that may be different from your mood and make your own special place. It is not so difficult, you will already be better than some of the other, just become a little harder and become an expert in it, it will take some time, but when you do this, everyone will respect you and you will feel more confident Will happen
And the person who becomes special in any field is not worried about keeping less knowledge in other areas, only think that Sachin Tendulkar would be upset by the fact that he did not study much ... never!

4) Remember your achievements:
Your previous achievements will help you to feel confident. There can be some achievements on this small scale. For example, You have ever come to class first, have worked at the top of the school in any topic, have done singing or anybody in the game, have achieved a big goal, have employees of the month. Anything that makes you feel good
You can write these achievements in dairy or copy and you can see them, especially if you want to boost your confidence in the way. The best way to do this is to make some images related to these accomplishments in your mind and add them to a small film and keep playing in this mind from time to time. Certainly, this will help boost your confidence.

5) Imagine that you have confidence:
You have to be strong wandering thinking, so consider yourself as a confident person per day. Anyone can imagine like you are standing in some stages, giving lectures to thousands of people, or giving a fabulous presentation at a seminar hall, and everyone is impressed with you, congratulates you everywhere It is happening and people greet you with praise. Albert Einstein has imagined more powerful than imagination; And you can do a great job by using this power.

6) Do not be afraid to make mistakes:
You do not know anyone who has ever made a mistake? I do not know, because it is the nature of man for mistakes, and I will also say innately. Use this right. Mistake is not wrong, it repeats the wrong. Unless you repeat the same mistake repeatedly, you do not make any mistake unless you make an effort and learn something from the experience that happens.
Friends, many times we have to do some work to do, but still fear of failure, we can not confidently do that work. Do not be afraid of the mistakes of the mistakes, they should fear that they do not even have the courage to try because of this fear !! Take a look at the history of successful people, and see that many failures will be hidden in the chaos of their failures.

Michelle Jordan, considered to be the best basketball player in the world; They also say that -
I have failed many times in my life and therefore I am successful.
Do not hesitate to do anything, whether it is standing or questioned, or if you have to put your issue in front of many people, then your courage can increase your confidence several times. Before the fear is really a win!

7) Do not be an excuse to learn English for less confidence:
English is the dominion of our country. I think the knowledge of English is important, but only because of its knowledge you can read many good books, blogs etc. You can see more than one program, movies and so on. But is knowledge of this language necessary for self-confidence? No. Learning English can give you even more confidence, but it does not have to be confident. The purpose of any language is to express your thoughts in words, and if you can do the same thing in a single language, then you have no obligation to learn English.
I am from West Bengal. but  I've never heard of MP Yogi Aditya Nath who spoke at MP, but he has also seen some faith in him as the Liberal leader. Similarly, like Mayawati and Mulayam Singh, the belief in politicians is fulfilled, but they always use the Hindi language.
Friends, in certain places like knowledge of English in the job interview, it may be necessary for your selection, but not for self-confidence, you can become the most confident person in the world without English.

8) Do something that reduces your confidence:
Some people do not feel self-confident for some special reasons. As some people have stage fears, then anybody is nervous in front of the opposite sex. If you are facing such a challenge then beat it and the best way to beat it is that you do so much nervous activity that it will become your strength. Make sure you try this endeavor, although some people may initially take light and maybe even jokes, when you are constantly engaged in your efforts, those people will stand up for you and suppress your hands.

A line of Gandhiji has always inspired me very much. "At first they will not pay attention to you, they will laugh at you, then they will fight with you, and then you will win." Then you ignore them, Laugh, let's fight, but in the end, you win because you're not losing here to win.

9) Make special preparations for special occasions:
Confidence for Success is Essential, and Preparation for Confidence - Arthur Ash
Whenever you get a chance to prove yourself, take full advantage of it. For example, You are participating in any debate, quiz, dance or singing competition, doing an exam or exam, or you are presenting a presentation or organizing a program. For every such occasion, join the Jijan and only make sure that you have not kept any shortcomings in preparation, no matter what the outcome is, anybody can lift your finger on your preparation.

Preparation and confidence are directly proportional. Better preparation will be in the form of good confidence. And when you succeed because of this preparation, then this victory will become a chapter in the story of the success of your life which you can read more often and can increase your self-confidence. can do.

10) Complete your MIT daily:

A few days ago I wrote about AKA on MIT i.e. the most important thing, if you have not read it, then be sure to read it. If you continue to meet your daily MIT, then surely your confidence will grow in a few days. Whenever you complete your MIT, look at it as a small success and try it for yourself. This is the most effective way of promoting your confidence every day. You must definitely try it.

Friends, remember that your confidence is not dependent on your education, your financial status, or your appearance, and no one can feel less for you without your permission. Your self-confidence is very important for your success, and today, whatever your level of confidence, with your efforts, you can reach it to new heights.

Good luck!

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