Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Addiction to smartphone leading to neck pain? "stancy device" by IIT-Delhi

Addiction to smartphone leading to neck pain? "stancy device" by IIT-Delhi
Addiction to smartphone leading to neck pain? "stancy device" by IIT-Delhi
"stancy device

Since the world is adopting digital tools to make life easier, therefore continuing health-related issues are also emerging which create serious challenges for people. One such problem is neck pain. With the smartphone becoming an integral part of our lives, it has become difficult for many people to use less and today neckties are emerging as a common problem among smart device users. In order to deal with this currency problem of mobile/laptop users, Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi has developed a modern tool that will help in fixing the currency of people suffering from "text neck".

Addiction to smartphone leading to neck pain? "stancy device" by IIT-Delhi-According to the Indian Express report, IIT Delhi has developed a device named 'Stancy'. The device was displayed on the Institute on Saturday on the occasion of its second industrial day.
According to the institute, the goal of Industry Day is to use and promote the power of industry-academic cooperation and to demonstrate state-of-the-art technology work to provide effective technical-technical and technical-commercial solutions locally by the research community of the institute. global community.

Text neck is a disease due to repeated stress on the neck due to excessive use of hand-held devices such as a mobile neck, tablet, laptop etc. Sahil Karwal, IIT graduate and co-founder of the device, says that the text neck means that due to the neck, due to pain and damage, smart devices seem to be very long. He further said that the pursuit of long lead is continuing for the lasting conditions of the spinal cord and disk compression and therefore to solve it, they come with the product. Stency is currently in the clinical trial phase.

Stency device works through your vibration. "What happens is that when you bend your neck down from a certain degree, the device - which you have to add to the back of your neck - will vibrate, indicating that you need to tilt your head." However, he said that since no study was done on this in India, they were not to find the degree on which the vibration would start.

According to Kargwal, the currency of a person will be fixed within 50 days of regular device usage. The cost of the device will be around 2000 rupees and their team has started the process of getting medical verification and for this, they have contacted the hospitals in the national capital.

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