Wednesday, October 03, 2018

WhatsApp came on Android Apps 'swipe to reply "feature

WhatsApp came on Android Apps 'swipe to reply "feature
WhatsApp came on Android Apps 'swipe to reply "feature

Whatsapp has already released the 'Swipe to Answer' feature for its iPhone app. Now, this feature has become part of the Whatsapp Android app. With this feature, users will soon be able to send replies to the instant messaging app. To answer, the Swipe feature has been made part of the Whatsapp Beta 2.18.300 app. Remember that the WhatsApp user got the same feature in June last year. Apart from this, it has been reported that Facebook's message platform is going to be a dark mode, which will make the background a bit darker.
When using less or WhatsApp at night, less pressure on the user's eye will be reduced. Right now, nothing has been said about the timeline of Dark Mode. But in a report last week, this feature was talked about making a part of Android and iOS platforms soon. On the other hand, you will now be able to use an external sticker pack in WhatSafe.

WhatsApp came on Android Apps 'swipe to reply "feature-Users using Whatsapp Beta 2.18.300 Android app will now be able to reply to any message with the help of swipe. For this, you have to swipe one of the messages on the right, after which Whatsapp will automatically send the message. This message will be placed in the quoted from above the text box so that you can easily recognize it. First of all, you had to catch a message for a while to send a message to a specific message. After this, the answer option was selected from the top bar.
After new gesture support, it is easy for the user to respond to a message. In particular, this is a great feature to answer a message in the WhatsappSpace group.

WhatsApp came on Android Apps 'swipe to reply "feature-To download the latest WHATSAPP Beta app on your Android device, you must be part of the official Google Play Beta program. You can also download this app apk file from apk mirror. Hope this facility will be made available to the common user in the coming days.

WhatsApp came on Android Apps 'swipe to reply "feature-WABetaInfo tweeted that there will be the facility to download sticker packs from outside the app on WhatsAppSpace. Claim that the user will have the option to 'Get more stickers' which will be open when selected Google Play Here users will be able to download other app stickers. It is possible that the Whatsapp Sticker App is also launched separately.
WhatsappBitInfo claims that external sticker support will be activated soon. However, there is no official statement from Whatsapp in this regard.

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