Sunday, November 25, 2018

The largest claim in processor Realme U1 teaser Selfie shots

The largest claim in processor Realme U1 teaser Selfie shots-Realme's next smartphone, Realme U1, is to be launched on November 28. Reality has already revealed that Realme U1 will be equipped with the Helio P70 processor and it is a selfie-centric smartphone.

The largest claim in processor Realme U1 teaser Selfie shots
Apart from this there is no other information available about specification. But the company is not missing out on the opportunity to create an environment in favor of its latest Handset Realme U1. Given the market challenges, the company has now made a big claim about its processor.

Realme claimed a tweet that Hilio P70 processor, Realme U1, is more powerful than the Snapdragon 636 and Highslicion Kirin 710 processor. Scores of Antuu Benchmark Test scores have also been shared in the tweet to suppress this claim. Assuming that, in the AnTuTu Benchmark V7 test, the highest 145021 points were compared to the rest of the processor. Snapdragon 636 processor acquired 115611 points and Kirin 710 processor has 139974 points

 In the price segment of Rs 15,000, the handsets like Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Motorola One Power, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Redmi Note 5 Pro come with snapdragon 636 processors. At the same time, phones like Honor 8X and Huawei Nova 3i come with Kirin 710 processors. Realme U1 is going to get the challenge from the same handset. This is probably the reason that the company has made the benchmark score public to tell its phones more powerful just before the launch.

The largest claim in processor Realme U1 teaser Selfie shots-The multi-core APP AG-AI process is also part of the phone with the Hilio P70 processor in the handset. This processor is based on MediaTek's Neuropilot Program which is designed for better Artificial Intelligence. Realme has also shared some selfie shots taken from his Realme U1 handset. This smartphone has been talked about having 296 face recognition points, which will bring superior selfie portraits.

It is worth noting that the real performance of the Helio P70 will be done only after the launch of Realme U1. Pictures leaked from Realme U1 also came to know that it will come with WaterDrop display and two rear cameras. It has also been claimed to be the world's most powerful selfie camera.
There is currently no information available about Price of Realme U1 and other specification. However, it is set to be launched on November 28 and sold on Amazon India.
Special points

  • The world's first mediatech, the phone with the Halio P70 processor,   will be Realme U1
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro, Nokia 6.1 Plus and Motorola One Power will clash
  • Realme U1 will be sold on Amazon India

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Online way to get Provident Fund in Advance

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provides EPFO ​​members with the option of taking special advances from the subject matter and the provident fund collection in a select position. Today we will tell you through your article in certain times of circumstances that only a certain part of the PF amount can be extracted. EPFO Members can purchase PF funds for buying or building a home, for a loan payment, not getting salary for 2 months, daughter / son / brother / own marriage, family member's disease etc.
Online way to get Provident Fund in  Advance
Online way to get Provident Fund in  Advance

Online way to get Provident Fund in  Advance-Explain how much amount can be extracted in any situation, either 'special' or 'Advance EPF', today we will also give you information about this. In the event of taking advance, some criteria have been fixed by the EPFO ​​member, they will have to be satisfied. You can apply online for 'PF Withdrawl Form' by going to the EPFO ​​Members Portal for Advance or Partial Withdrawal.

Submit such online PF Withdraw application

The EPFO ​​started the online facility to simplify the process of removing PF funds and saving time. Before applying to the EPFO ​​portal, it is important for you to know that your UAN (Universal Account Number) is activated or your number must be turned on to activate the Universal Account Number. Your account should be linked with Aadhaar, PAN card and back details and IFSC code.

Online method of extracting PF

  1. First go to EPFO ​​Portal.
  2. Then log in to the account by entering UAN (Universal Account Number), Password and CAPTCHA code.
  3. After that click on the KYC option in the Manage tab and check whether the base, PAN card and back details are correct and not verified.
  4.  After verifying the KYC details, go to the online service and select Clam option.
  5.  Member details, KYC details and service details will appear on the claim screen. After this, click 'Proceed For Online Claim' to submit a claim form.
  6.  In the Claim Form of 'I Want To Apply For', you will see full EPF settlement, EPF Part Withdrawal (Loan / Advance) or Pension Withdraw Options. Due to the service criteria, you may not be able to withdraw PF or withdraw the pension, in such a situation you will not see this option.

Online way to get Provident Fund in Advance can take place in the home purchase or construction situation
EPFO allows its members to extract a maximum of 24 months Basic Wage and DA for buying land. For home / flat / construction, basic 36 days basic wage and DA or interest along with the Employee and Employee Share or the total cost of the house / construction can be withdrawn, whichever is less. The employee, who is an EPFO ​​member for 5 years, can apply for Advance only. PF money can be withdrawn only during the entire period of the job. For advance, the employee will not need any documents other than the release.
For loan payment.Online way to get Provident Fund in  Advance


In the EPFO ​​special case, the member allows a maximum of 36 months of basic wage and with the interest of D and interest, the employee and employer share or the total outstanding amount of loan and interest is also whichever is less. The employee who has been an EPFO ​​member for 10 years can apply for Advance. For the particular withdrawal, the employee will need to get the certificate from the agency, giving details of the outstanding amount and interest.

Advance will also be available in special case
EPFO may also apply for advance advance amount in case the company is closed or withdrawn from the job or if it is not getting salary (in addition to the strike) for 2 months. In such a situation, interest on the Employee Share and the amount can be withdrawn. Employee will need a certificate issued by the employer to take advance. Members can extract a maximum of 50 percent amount with interest.

For treatment in the disease
Employee can complete his Basic and DA Amount for a maximum of six months. Employees can withdraw money for themselves or for a member's illness in the family. There is no need for a membership period for this purpose.

for marriage
The EPFO ​​member can withdraw 50 percent (Employee Share) PF Amount with interest for the marriage of himself / daughter / son / sister etc. Note that the employee who has an EPFO ​​member for 7 years can apply for PF account only.

For higher education
50% (Employee Share) amount can be withdrawn with interest for higher education (for post gaugion) of son or daughter. The employee who has an EPFO ​​member for 7 years can apply for the same pf amount. The certificate related to the course and details of the estimated expenditure by the Institute will be provided.

A year before retirement
After 54 years of age and one year before retirement, EPFO ​​member can withdraw 90% of the PF in the PF as partial withdrawal.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm Mall Diwali sell Best smartphone a look at the offers

Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm Mall Diwali sell Best smartphone a look at the offers
Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm Mall Diwali sell Best smartphone a look at the offers

Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm Mall Diwali sell Best smartphone a look at the offers-There is a festival season, then you may even have the idea of buying something special in your mind. In such a way, the idea of buying a new smartphone is very common. Flipkart and Amazon are organizing their third cell in this festival season. Then, how Peti M is behind, the cashback offer on this e-commerce site has begun. These three have many offers on the website, in such a situation, when you go to search the deals you like, then Confucius is set. We have brought some select offers from Flipkart, Amazon and Petty Malls for your convenience.
Flipkart Big Diwali Sale- Best Smartphone Offer
Honor 9N (4 GB, 64 GB)Honor 9 NK 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage variant is being sold in Flipkart Big Diwali sale at Rs. 11,999 (MRP 15,999). Honor 9n has a 5.84 inch Full HD + (1080x2280 pixels) 2.5 de Curved Glass Display On this offer. Aspect ratio is 19: 9. Honor 9N runs on Android 8.0 Orio, which has been at the top of the EMUI 8.0. The handset has the Octa-core Kirin 659 chipset. If you exchange your old phone then you can get an extra discount of Rs 11,999.
Price: Rs 11,999 (MRP Rs 15,999)
Moto Z2 Force (6 GB, 64 GB)The Moto Z2 Force 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage variants are being sold at Rs. 19,999 (MRP 34,999). The phone has a 5.5-inch QHD (1440x2560 pixels) resolution shatter shield POLED display. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is in the handset. 6 GB RAM has been provided for Jugalbandi. The dual camera (12 + 12 megapixel) is set up in the rear of the phone. In addition, a 5-megapixel camera sensor has been given at the front of the phone. An additional discount of Rs 14,900 is being given on the old phone exchange.
Price: Rs 19,999 (MRP Rs 34,999)
Honor 10 (6 GB, 128GB)In the Flipkart Big Diwali Cell, the price of Honor 10 has been cut by up to 30%. This phone is available in Rs. 24,999 (MRP 35, 999). Honor 10 runs on the IMUI 8.1 based on the Android 8.1 Orio. The phone has a 5.84 inch Full HD + Full View display and The phone has an Octa-core  Kerine 970 processor. Giving 6 GB RAM Speaking of the camera, there are dual rear cameras in Honor 10. It includes 24 + 16-megapixel sensors. Dual camera setup is named by the company - Artificial intelligence AI  camera.
Price: Rs 24,999 (MRP Rs 35,999)
Asus ZenFone Lite L1Asus's new budget smartphone ZenFone Lite L1 is being sold at Rs 5,999 (MRP 6,999). This price is for a limited time. Zenfone Light L1 has a 5-megapixel front camera for selfie and video calling, the archers are F / 2.2.  The phone's 2 GB RAM / 16GB storage variant has been launched.  the MicroSD card and it is possible to extend the storage to 256 GB. 3,000 mAh battery to make the phone fly. Up to 10 percent, additional discounts can be taken on using SBI card.
Price: Rs 5,999 (MRP Rs 6,999)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 ProYou can buy the popular smartphone Redmi Note 5 Pro at Rs. 12,999 (MRP 14,999). This phone comes with 5.99-inch full-HD + display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor. 4 GB RAM is available. The Redmi Note 5 Pro has a dual rear camera setup and a 20-megapixel sensor is provided on the front panel. Exchanging old phones will get an extra discount of Rs 12,250.
Price: Rs 12,999 (MRP Rs 14,999)
Amazon Great Indian Festival sale - Best Smartphone Offer

Realme 1 (6 GB, 128GB)The most powerful variant of Reality 1 is sold in the Amazon Great Indian Festive Sale at Rs 11,990 (MRP 14,990). The smartphone comes with a 6-inch full-HD display and MediaTek Helio P60 processor. There are 6 GB RAM for Jugalbandi. Realme 1 has a 13-megapixel rear camera, which comes with LED flash AND  The front camera is of 8 megapixels.
Price: Rs 11,990 (MRP 14,990)
Honor 8X (4 GB, 64 GB)In Amazon cell, Honor 8X is being sold at Rs. 14,999 (MRP 17,999). Based on the Honor 8X EMUI 8.2.0, Android 8.1 runs on Orio. Honor 8X has 6.5 inch full HD + (1080x2340 pixels) TFT IPS display ON THIS MODEL. Its aspect ratio is 18.7: 9. Honor 8x For Speed and Multitasking, the Honor 8X has given options of 4 GB and 6 GB RAM with Highcilicon Kirin 710 processor. There will be a dual camera setup on the back, with the primary sensor of 20 megapixels and secondary sensor of 2 megapixels.
Price: Rs 14,999 (MRP Rs 17,999)
Samsung Galaxy S9 + (6 GB, 256 GB)Samsung Galaxy S9 + 6 GB RAM and 256 GB storage model is available at 69,900 (MRP 79,000) in the Amazon Great Indian Festival cell. An additional 10,000 rupees discount is being given on old phone exchange. HDFC Bank Credit and Debit Card Users can get an additional 10% discount.
Price: 69,900 rupees (MRP 79,000 rupees)

Samsung Galaxy A8 + (6 GB, 64 GB)The Samsung Galaxy A8 + 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage variant is available at Rs 23,990 (MRP 41,900). The phone is usually sold for 30,000 rupees. Exchanging old phones will get an additional discount of 18,854 rupees. The Galaxy A8+ has a 6-inch FullHD + AMOLED display and 3,500 mAh battery. The phone comes with a dual front camera setup.
Price: Rs 23,990 (MRP Rs 41,900)
Vivo V9 ProThe Vivo V9 Pro market priced at Rs. 19,990 is being sold for Rs. 17,990. If you want, you can get an additional discount of Rs 16,191 by exchanging the old phone. The Vivo V9 Pro Out of Box will run on the Android 4.0 OSO based on the FONT OS 4.0. It has a 6.3 inch (1080x2280 pixels) full-view display 2.0. . Adreno 512 GPU is integrated for graphics. 6 GB RAM has been provided for Jugalbandi. Screen to body ratio is 90 percent in the display panel. Inbuilt storage of this phone is 64 GB and if needed, up to 256 GB MicroSD card can be used.
Price: Rs 17,990 (MRP Rs 19,990)
Honor Play (4 GB, 64 GB)The Honor Play smartphone is available in Amazon Cell at Rs 17,999 (MRP 21,999). Honor Play will run on EMUI 8.2 which is based on Android 8.1 on this price. The smartphone has a 6.3-inch full HD + display and  Octa-Core Huvaw is a  Kirin 970 chipset that works in the phone and which is accompanied by the Mali-G72 GPU.
Price: Rs 17,999 (MRP Rs 21,999)
Paytm Maha Cashback Sale - Best Smartphone Offer

Apple iPhone X 64 GBIn Paytm Mall the 64 GB variant of the iPhone X is being sold at an effective price of 70,699 rupees (MRP 95,390). Using the IPH16000 coupon code, you can get a cashback of Rs 16,000 in your Petty Wallet.
Price: 70,699 (effective price)
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64 GBThe iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB variant is available at PettyM Mall in an effective price of 60,300 rupees (MRP 77,557). Users can get a cashback of Rs 9,500 using the IPH9500 coupon code.
Price: 60,300 (effective price)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128 GBIf you want, you can buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9's 128 GB storage variant at an effective price of Rs 61,900. NOTE9 Using coupon code, you can get a cashback of Rs 6,000 in your wallet.
Price: 61,900 (effective price)

Friday, November 02, 2018

Getting the smartphone Paytm Sale cashback 16,000 Rs

Getting the smartphone Paytm Sale cashback 16,000 Rs
Paytm Sale cashback 16,000 Rs
Paytm Sale cashback 16,000 Rs

After launching the Amazon Great Indian Festival and Flipkart Big Diwali Sale, the 'Maha Cashback' cell has already been launched at Paytm Mall. Customers will get many great offers on the smartphone with discounts in the Grand Cashback Cell of PayTM Mall. The Paytm Mall cell will last till November 7. Maha Cashback Sale is getting bumper steamed deals on TV, Notebook and Air purifiers. Cashback up to Rs 16,000 is also being given to customers who buy new phones during the Patmi Mall sale. If the payment of minimum 3,000 rupees is made by Axis Bank Card, then 10% additional cashback will be availed. The maximum cashback amount is Rs 2,500 per card.

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 Offers in Paytm Mall Maha Cashback SaleCashback of Rs 6,000 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X64 GB variant is given at Rs 84,500 and iPhone X 256 GB model 99,990 cashback of Rs 16,000. The iPhone 7 Plus's 128 GB variant is being sold at Rs 8,000 and the iPhone 6's 32 GB variant is priced at Rs 24,350. Also on iPhone 6, customers will get cashback of Rs 5,000. With cashback of Rs 6,500, 32 GB variants of the iPhone 7 are available for sale at 40,349 rupees in the PayTM Mall Great Cashback Cell. The iPhone 6S 32 GB variant will be available in the cell at Rs 29,699, but the handset of the Apple brand will get a cashback of only Rs 6,000.
If you are not interested in buying Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone models, then you also know the offers received on Google and other company smartphones during the sale. The Google Pixel 2 XL 64 GB variant is being sold at Rs 43,478 with a cashback of Rs 7,000, 32 GB of Moto G6 Play for Rs 10,487. The user will get a cashback of Rs 1,363 on this handset. Oppo F9 Pro is available at
PayTM Mall with a cashback of Rs 2,400. Vivo V11 Pro's 64 GB variant, which will be available some time ago, will get a Petty Mol voucher of Rs. 2,000. Paytm Mall can get an exemption on new phones by exchanging old phones in Maha Cashback Sale.

Special points

  •     Amazon, Flipkart launches cell at PayTM Mall
  •     Paytm Mall will run till 7th November
  •     Cashback with discounts on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X

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