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How can you use google two steps verification setup features

Everybody keeps a powerful countersign to guard Google accounts against hackers, however despite this persistently the account gets hacked. The Google Account isn't restricted to email solely, it's conjointly used for alternative Google services like Google Play, Google Play Music, Google Play flick etc. this could have happened persistently that you simply have logged into your account on the other device and your countersign was saved by mistake thereon device.
How can you use google two steps verification setup features
How can you use google two steps verification setup features
In most places, you may be asked for a Google Account, in such a state of affairs, you may have the question that your Google Account isn't abused. Google has extra ballroom dance verification to stop account misuse. Let's tell you ways you'll activate your 'Two-Step Authentication' and create your account secure.

Activate such a ballroom dance Authentication

1) initial click on Google's ballroom dance Verification page.
2) Then you've got to click on the start possibility showing on the proper.
3) when clicking on start, you may be asked for associate email ID and countersign.
4) when coming into the e-mail ID, the device can show during which your account is active.
5) Below you may see the choice of attempt It currently.
6) when clicking on Trai currently, a message from Google can seem in your Notification panel of the identical device.
7) choose affirmative possibility from affirmative / No within the message shown within the message.
8) when this you may be asked for a mobile range.
9) below Mobile range, you may see text message and call 2 choices. you may receive the code on no matter possibility you decide on.
10) when coming into the code, click Activate.

After following the on top of steps, whenever you register to your Google Account, the countersign are received in your phone added to the countersign. Your account is opened solely when clicking on the notification. Recall that yesterday we tend to tell our readers thanks to keeping the Facebook account secure.

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