Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Download had about 150 million users before deleting the Android adware

 Android adware

Download had about 150 million users before deleting the Android adware
Prior to the removal of the Android adware, nearly 150 million users had downloaded
More than 200 advertizing codes were present from the Google Play Store, until they were deleted, there were about 150 million subscribers.

There were more than 200 advertising codes on the Google Play Store, which could be a reason for showing ads outside of the app on the phone or directly sending the eusers to the website or app store links, but also sometimes download new apps.

According to the Check Point report, there were several massage apps on the Google Play Store which were later removed from the store. According to Play Store Statistics reports, these apps had more than 150 million subscribers before they were deleted.

It has been found on the Malaysian code apps due to legitimate software advertising. Check Points also wrote that, "Developers use it thinking that it will display the ad properly. In fact, it did more than that. It allowed adware to spread by hiding in different apps and games on the Play Store.

Some of the more popular apps were victims of this adware that included simulator games such as Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator, Real Tractor Farming Simulator, Heavy Mountain Bus Simulator 2018, Hummer taxi limo simulator, Excavator Wrecking Ball Demolition Simulator, and Sea Animals Truck Transport Simulator etc.

Google reviews any app before going to play store, but this process is not too stiff or it is not the same as the way the link is reviewed before going to Apple's App Store. In the last few years, there have been many such reports that Google has had to remove hundreds of apps due to some troubleshooting code. Some of these showed porn ads and tried to download more apps from users, while some misused app permissions and some used them by hijacking the devices.

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