Tuesday, March 19, 2019

PUBG Mobile Game Banned in India. Why?

Play Mobile PUBG you can go to jail

If you do not know that despite being banned, if you play PUBG Mobile then what can be with you or what is the punishment, then we are going to talk about this.

Special things:

  •     Ban on PUBG in India's Gujarat
  •     PUBG Mobile version was launched in March 2018
PUBG Mobile Games are not only users in India but also outside of the country, it is being widely loved all over the world. For the past, there has been a lot of talk about PUGU, PlayerUnknown's Battleground game, and it has been said to ban it. This game has been banned in India's Gujarat. If you played this banned game even after this, then you may have to pay a heavy price. Yes, you can be prison.

Let us tell you that PUBG has a ban on playing mobile games in many big cities of Gujarat. In these cities, many districts like Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Bhavnagar and Girosomnath are included. Let us know that according to one figure, the population of Gujarat is close to 6 crore and the police believe that playing this game has a negative effect on the minds of children and young generation. It is showing its impact on children's language and studies.

The point of note is that in the last few days, more than two dozen children from Ahmedabad and Rajkot have been arrested for playing PUBG. Initially PUBG was the only desktop version, but its mobile version was also launched in March 2018. According to Tencent Games reports, more than 200 million users downloaded it by December 2018

What if you broke the rule?

PUBG Mobile has been banned by the Gujarat State Government. In such a situation, the police have been given the right to say that if any person is found playing this game, then he can arrest him. Following this, Rajkot police recently arrested 10 players who broke this rule. In total, 16 people have been arrested in Rajkot so far. In Ahmedabad, 10 arrests have already been made in this case.

In spite of this, if you play this game, despite the ban you may be arrested and the case may be filed under the Indian Panel Code (IPC) 188 and the Gujarat Police Act (GPA) 135. You get instant bail in this case. In such cases, arrest is made on the charge of violation of the notification. After that the court takes further action on this matter.

This is the punishment under IPC 188 and Section 135 GPA

If you feel under IPC 188, then this crime can be fined with a maximum of 1 month jail, with a fine of 200 rupees. Let you know that this crime is imposed by any public servant for breaking any rule. In the same crime under Section 135 GPA, there is a maximum of one year imprisonment and a fine of up to one year and it is also vested in. It breaks the rules in which public peace can be dissolved, it seems charged.

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